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PDE’s legacy is built on commercial-industrial projects, with an emphasis on data centers and technical facilities.  For over 25 years, we has designed, built and maintained critical infrastructure projects for high-profile clients such as Northrop Grumman, Verizon, Kaiser Permanente and Southern California Edison.

Southern California Edison

Emergency Operations Center


PDE performed electrical services for this mission-critical project in Irwindale, CA.  The SCE EOC space was built for the utility to use during an emergency event.  The center is equipped with Sixty (60) 90” high-definition monitors connected to the Internet, designed to monitor and manage the grid during an emergency situation.

Northrop Grumman

Building D-1 Dry Laser Lab Build Outs – Phase 1

PDE scope of work included demolition and safe off of lights, outlets, panels, disconnects and equipment.  Re-feeding of electrical equipment from panels demoed during scheduled shutdown and re-energization of 13 distribution panels.  No interruption in power and zero impact to the 24/7, 365 critical process taking place at the laboratory.  Northrop Grumman presented PDE with certificate of recognition for the work performed.

WESCOM Credit Union

Data Center

The WESCOM data center build out was a 90 day fast track project.  PDE completed the work and had the switch gear in place and systems operational in time for project completion.

                              Epson America                               Corporate  Headquarters

Long Beach, California

PDE was the prime and electrical contractor for the design-build of a new 7,000 square foot data center.  Site was power-ready within 60-days.  PDE completed the project, ahead of schedule and under budget.  PDE currently provides 24/7/365 emergency on-call service.  PDE has performed all data center electrical, mechanical, fire-life safety and building management systems for over 20 years.

Southern California Edison

Alhambra Data Center

PDE performed full electrical construction for this occupied, operating critical data center.  The project included labor, material and equipment for new 300 KVA UPS system, multiple ATS’s, lighting and lighting control devices for associated rooms and spaces.  PDE also provided design assist for the Day 2 Data Center expansion including rack and equipment power via busways, lighting, LV Cable trays, fiber trays and seismic supports for Starline busways.  The project required extensive coordination with the customer for critical power switchboard shutdowns for feeder install, termination and energizing of multiple Starline busways.  Extensive coordination to enable MEP equipment to be installed with maximum functionality within limited space.  PDE successfully performed while maintaining an aggressive schedule within an existing, functioning data center.

WESCOM Credit Union

Corporate Headquarters – LED Exterior Parking Lot Lighting

PDE worked with Cooper Lighting to design and install one of the first deployments of 1,000 Watt LED luminaires. This new lighting consumes less energy than the legacy metal halide fixtures and provides improved light levels.  The new LED lighting improved security by providing an even, uniform illumination.  The fixtures have a projected average rated life of 50,000 hours, which is six times longer than the older system. WESCOM's campus style building is safer and more energy efficient as a result of this innovative installation.